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CAD Mapping Aerial Surveyors
is a highly specialised aerial surveying solutions company offering premium digital mapping solutions with unparalleled quality. With the combination of our technology, expertise and personnel, we complete all aspects of a given contract from initial flight planning through to data processing. We have developed an organisation that encourages and rewards innovation, diligence, team work and client satisfaction. With over two decades of experience, we continue to build our reputation as a leader in geospatial data acquisition and analytics.
Unparalelled Quality Community Integrity
As a business we are very set on supplying only the absolute best quality in what it is we offer. It is essential in our line of work to provide clients with the most precise solutions and we are determined on delivering the highest standard every single time without compromise. We are very much about the impact of our projects and services have on the world around us and continually look for ways to give back and support local communities. Our community belief is instilled in our internal environment, encouraging development and innovation for every individual. We conduct all business matters with honesty. Our business requires trust and integrity and this is an important part of what CAD Mapping does in order to offer our clients the role as their trusted supplier. We maintain our values whilst remaining fair and ethical in all our business matters.
To enable our customers the power to see the earth from a vantage position and in new ways, equipping them with the best decision making tools and the power to make the world a better place.
We provide superior aerial imagery,
videography and automated solutions without compromising on safety standards, integrity or professionalism. We provide precise and accurate positioning data to be used and layered with any geospatial data and to support our clients in any of their needs.
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Detail Mapping
Geographic Information System Data Management
We create Digital Surface Models (DSM) at any client specified point density utilising per-pixel correlation technology techniques. The surface model points will then be filtered and edited in stereo to true ground level. Break lines will be captured at all changes of slope and merged with the ground point data, this data set is a Digital Terrain Model (DTM) from which a triangulated surface can be created for contour generation, engineering design and volumetric calculations. All CAD Mapping digital line mapping (Vector Mapping) is captured using Photogrammetric methods on a Stereo capable digital photogrammetric workstation. This ensures that all detail is captured in their true position in a 3D environment. The detail is captured to the client-specified formats and layer structures. Our detail plans conform with TMH11 Engineering standards as well as with 4th Schedule Mines and Works standards. We utilise a state of the art Leica ALS70 and ALS50- Plus to acquire topographical and multi-return signal intensity data from numerous airborne platforms. We seamlessly integrate LiDAR data with other datasets to generate complex mapping products, advanced 3D models and renderings of structures. We use differential rectification for image correction methods to correct images to true orthogonal projection. All our orthophoto positioning are derived through a photogrammetric aerial triangulation process from photography with a minimum of 60% forward overlap and 30% side overlap to retain a high geometric accuracy. We capture digital line mapping (vector mapping) using photogrammetric methods on a stereo capable digital photogrammetric workstation. This ensures that all detail is captured in their true position in a 3D environment. We specialise in GIS data capturing, data management and mobile GIS solutions. GIS data is compiled through data capturing in field with a GPS device or is captured on geo-referenced image data or photogrammetric procedures. Intelligence is added as attributes to captured data complying with client specific geodatabase demands and rules. All our data is topologically cleaned and correct to assist in accurate data analysis modelling.
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